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Enjoying My Time In Beauty School

After dealing with a few grueling semesters at my local university, I realized that traditional college might not work well for my learning style. I wanted to talk to other people, work with my hands, and enjoy artistic endeavors. After expressing my desires to a friend of mine, she told me about beauty school. She explained that it might be a great way to accomplish all of my workplace goals. I thought it sounded like something that I might enjoy, so I enrolled. My life has never been the same. Check out this blog to learn more about beauty school.


Enjoying My Time In Beauty School

Work In A Beauty Salon? Help People With Cancer Feel More Confident By Having Wigs In Your Salon

Lucas Renard

Whether you just finished beauty school (like Maryland Beauty Academy) or are an experienced hair stylist, you should ask the salon owner to offer wigs to customers if they do not already do this. This can help those people that have cancer and have lost their hair due to cancer treatments feel better about themselves. Below is some information about both human hair and synthetic wigs to help you decide which type is right for your salon.

Styling Ability

Human hair wigs can be cut, washed, curled, straightened, and styled just like hair on one of your customer's head. You can start out with long, straight hair on the wig, so you can offer your customers any styles they want. If you purchase synthetic wigs, you will not be able to use a curling iron, straightener, or anything with heat on the wig, as the fibers can melt. This means you cannot make changes to it like you can with hum hair wigs. If you have customers that want only one style and color, this type of wig will work fine.


If cost is a concern for you, synthetic wigs are less expensive starting at approximately $27.00, depending on the length.  Human hair wigs are more expensive, starting at $40 or more. This also depends on the length; as shorter hair wigs will cost less.

You also have to take into consideration that human hair wigs may need to be colored, which will factor into the costs. With synthetic wigs, you have many different colors to choose from.

Natural or Unnatural

Because human hair wigs are made from real hair, they look much more natural when compared to synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs have less movement and less shine. If someone is only going to wear the wig for a short time, synthetic may be okay, but if they will be using the wig for long periods of time, natural will look much better.

Offer Both Wigs

You should consider offering both types of wigs in your salon so your customers have different options to choose from. Place the wigs on artificial human heads so they can see what they will look like.  This can help them decide if they want to spend the extra money for a natural wig.

For the human hair wigs, showcase a variety of styles and colors for your customers to see. With the synthetic wigs, make sure they are the current styles, and offer them a variety of color choices.

Offering wigs to your customers not only benefits them, but will increase the revenue for the the salon.